Last updated on: 28-Oct-2022
    We UEV SocioLadder Technologies Private Limited, a private limited company duly incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956/2013 and having its registered office at NO.136, SRI SRI, 15TH CROSS, NAGAVARAPALYA BANGALORE KA 560093 IN ("Company") recognizes the value of your data and we are fully committed to protect your data from any unauthorized use. This Privacy Policy ("Policy") outlines our approach toward the collection, use, disclosure, storage, and protection of your personal data as collected on ("Platform") for all the purposes under this Policy and under applicable laws. The Policy applies to all kinds of data including, personal data, sensitive personal data, banking details, or any other details ("Data") as provided by you to us directly or submitted by you on the Platform, either while browsing the Platform or while availing the Services. This Policy is our commitment to protecting your invaluable Data from any unauthorized use.
    Under this Policy, the below-mentioned terms shall have the same meaning as those assigned to them:
    1. Applicable Law(s)” shall mean and refer to all applicable provisions of the prevailing laws, statutes, common law, regulations, ordinances, codes, rules, guidelines, orders, permits, licenses, tariffs, and approvals relating to this Policy.
    2. Business Information” shall mean the trade and business-specific information of an entity, provided by you, in the capacity of an authorized representative of the relevant entity, to avail the Services on behalf of such entity. Business Information includes, without limitation, the name, and type of entity, registered and corporate address, contact details, details of authorized signatory or representatives, and all such information necessary for providing the required legal services, as the case may be, to the Users.
    3. Cookie(s)” is a small piece of data/software code that tracks automatically and store data and pattern on your hard drive or on the web browser of your device. Cookies will help you to remember your actions/information and preferences on the Platform over time and helps us in providing better services on our Platform and improve your experience.
    4. Data” shall refer to Business Information, Non-Personal Data, and Personal Data individually and in combination.
    5. Non–Personal Data” is anonymized data incapable of identifying an individual. It refers to any other information, not covered under Personal Information, which may be collected by us when you access or use the Platform and includes information about your device, Internet Protocol (IP) address, operating system, browser type and version, geographical location, URLs of referring/exit pages, pages visited, device ID, amongst others.
    6. Personal Data” means any information about a natural person that can be used to identify that person, either directly or indirectly when combined with other information about a body corporate that is available or likely to be available. Name, contact information, identification number, location data, or physical factors are all examples of personal information.
    7. Services” shall mean an aggregator platform wherein services in respect of Talent Casting, Films & OTT Partnership, and registration as Talent or Project Owner are provided to the Users.
    8. Talent” shall mean any professional working in the entertainment industry and include Artist, Cinematographer, Director, Assistant Director, Musician, Singer, Art Director, Costume Designer, Lead Technician, and Location Scout.
    9. User” means and refers to every individual or legal entity who registers itself on the Platform to avail of the Services.
    10. Visitors” means and refers to every individual or legal entity that accesses the Platform to gain information about the Services rendered by the Company, without registration.
    1. The terms "we", "our", "us", and "Platform" shall refer to the Company for the purposes of interpretation in this Policy, unless the context denotes otherwise.
    2. The terms "User", "Customer", “Talent”, "Project Owner", "You", "Your", and "Yours" shall refer to any natural person or legal person who is either browsing our Platform or availing our Services, for the purposes of interpretation in this Policy, unless the context denotes otherwise.
    3. The words denoting the singular shall include the plural and vice versa for the purposes of interpretation in this Policy, unless the context denotes otherwise.
    4. The words denoting any gender include all genders for the purposes of interpretation in this Policy, unless the context denotes otherwise.
    5. The headings in this Policy are inserted for convenience only and shall be ignored in construing any meaning in this Policy.
    This Policy is enacted and enforced as per the prevailing Applicable Laws. This Policy is in compliance with the Applicable Laws, and it’s changes thereon. This Policy is published as per the requirement under the Applicable Laws. This Policy will be timely amended, and you are suggested to read the same each time, before using this Platform.
    This Policy applies to all natural person or legal person who visits our Platform either by browsing it or for availing the Services on it. This Policy applies to you by virtue of your Registration on this Platform as a User. This Policy also applies to you by virtue of your continuous browsing on the Platform, even without any Account.
     We at UEV SocioLadder Technologies Private Limited are committed to provide you with the best experience on our Platform and we aim to improve your experience on our Platform each day. We may collect your Data and use the same to provide you with an effectless, safe, and customized experience on our Platform. We collect your Data to register you on our Platform as a User, create your Account and maintain the same on our Platform. We collect and store your Data to provide you with the Services on our Platform. We collect your Data for internal record purposes. We use the Data to analyze our Services and to enhance the same for your satisfaction. We use the Data to fix any glitches, technical errors, or operation errors for your smooth usage of our Platform. We collect the Data to respond to your request, make better analyses, and provide you with the best Services on the Platform. We also collect this Data to corroborate with any allegation, complaint, or query and resolve the same amicably between the Users and otherwise. We may use this Data to send you our upcoming offers, newsletters, brochures, promotional and marketing materials, and any other activities which may interest you. We collect and store your Data for the enforcement of any and all rights and obligations arising out of any Contract you have entered into on our Platform. We collect and store the Data for any and all legal and regulatory requirements under applicable laws. We collect and maintain your Data to notify you of any changes in the Policy or operation of the Platform. We also use the Data to intimate you of any downtime, virus, or malware attack on the Platform. Notwithstanding anything in this Policy, we neither sell, trade nor license your Data with any third-Party.
    We will collect all the Data including, personal data, sensitive personal data, or any other details. We will collect this Data from your registration, usage of the Platform, questionaries, your email responses, and/ or any other means you provide us any information. The Personal Data shall include but not be limited to, name, age, address, etc., while using the Platform. We will also collect your Sensitive Data including but not limited to your Password, email ID, date of birth, , etc. We may collect non-personal data including but not limited to, User movement on the platform, access time, access duration, pattern of access, server details, device details, IP address, URL, browser information, and other associated information.
    We always collect your Data keeping in mind the purpose of its usage. We collect your Data through your direct input or through your usage of our Platform. We duly take your prior consent to collect the data in both ways, by way of your continuous usage of this Platform and at the time of registration of the Platform. We either collect your Data on our own or we may employ third-Party agencies to collect, use, store, and protect of your Data, as per the business or legal requirements. We also use cookies to track your movement on the Platform. We install cookies which are a small piece of data/software code which is installed on your hard drive and tracks your movement on the Platform ("Cookies"). We use different types of Cookies to analyses your movement on the Platform such as session cookies, persistent cookies, targeting cookies, functional cookies, etc. We also use different types of analytical third-Party software to access and analyze your movement on the Platform. We also use analytical software to collect Data from your usage of the Platform to access and analyze your usage pattern. The analytical software will help us to make our Platform more user-friendly. Notwithstanding any in this Policy, we will only collect your Data for the specified purposes and in the specified manner.
     We at UEV SocioLadder Technologies Pvt Ltd take all reasonable measures to secure your Data at our server or any third-Party server. We will make all the possible endeavors to secure, control, and protect your Data from any unauthorized or misuse. However, we do not guarantee any absolute protection of the Data from any unauthorized or misuse of Data. You understand that Data storage and transmission are suspectable to cyber-attack, hacking, virus, malware attack, leakage, etc. The integrity, security, and privacy of any and all information and Data exchanged between you and our Platform cannot be guaranteed, and despite our best efforts, you acknowledge that (i) there are privacy and security limitations of the Internet that are outside of our control; and (ii) the security, integrity, and privacy of any such information and Data may be viewed or altered in transit by a third party. Through internal Policies with our workers/employees and data protection Policy with third parties, we also protect the information we gather. 
    We may disclose personal information during the specific circumstances to the following categories of recipients under strict confidentiality obligations: i) to our group companies as necessary or appropriate to provide the Service requested by you, to contact you in connection with the service offerings, or for other legitimate business purposes; ii) to our third-party, services providers, and partners who provide data processing services to us, or who otherwise process Personal Data; iii) to any law enforcement body, regulatory, government agency, court, or other third-party where we believe disclosure is necessary: iv) to our auditor (s), advisor(s), legal representatives, and similar agents in connection with the advisory services they provide to us for legitimate business purposes; and v) To our employees to carry out services and business operations on our behalf. Hosting our Web servers, analyzing data, offering marketing, legal, and accounting services, and other support services are examples of such functions. All of these parties will be obligated to process the data in accordance with our instructions and to uphold the confidentiality and security of the Personal Information.
    You understand and acknowledge that we will only use your Data as long as it's required to carry out, oversee, and manage your involvement in the business or to satisfy legal or regulatory requirements. We will delete your Data from the server once it is no longer required for any of the aforementioned uses. When determining the retention period for the data, a number of factors are taken into consideration, including the nature and sensitivity of the data, the risk of loss from unauthorized use or disclosure, for the purposes for which we process the data, including whether those purposes can be met through other means, and any applicable legal requirements. At times, we might make your data/Information unknown.
    For your better usage and services on our Platform, we provide third-Party links on the Platform. You understand and acknowledge that all the third-party links are beyond our control and we undertake no responsibility towards any act, omission, or negligence on the part of the third-Party. You are using the third-Party links at your own risk.
    We will always take your consent before collecting your Data. We use your Data only for authorized purposes and not otherwise. We collect and store your Data for our internal management and compliance. We also store and retain your Data for any legal compliance. We do not collect your Data for any business, personal or any unauthorized purposes.
    You understand and acknowledge that Data collection, storage, and transmission are not immune to cyber-attack, hacking, virus, malware attack, leakage, etc., and any unauthorized disclosure despite our best efforts. We will not be liable for such disclosure and we will intimate you as soon as possible on your registered Email ID.
    This Policy is applicable to you on the basis of your continuous browsing through this Platform. This Policy also applies to you on the basis of your registration on this Platform.
    If you wish to withdraw your consent, you can write to us at to remove your Account. Notwithstanding anything in this Policy, we shall hold your data for the purposes of any statutory requirement under applicable laws. If you disagree with any terms and conditions under this Policy or in case you wish to withdraw your consent for any purposes of this Policy, you can immediately cease the usage of this Platform.
    You may also opt-out from availing of our promotional services by writing us at,and make a specific request for the opt-out.
    We at our sole discretion and remove or delete your Account from the Platform in the event of any violation of this Policy or any other policies applicable to you. We also reserve the right to deny access to you at our sole discretion in the event of any violation of any obligations under this Policy.
    1. In case, we find your input is not genuine, accurate, and correct in your Account.
    2. In case, we find that you have uploaded any incorrect, vague, vulgar, and third-Party information on the Account.
    3. In case, you we find that you have delivered any incorrect, inconsistent, vague, vulgar, and defective Service to the Customer.
    4. In case, we find that you have not delivered the Services as per your obligations under the Order and under the policies applicable to you on repeated occasions.
    The Company reserve the right to amend this Policy whenever there is any change in the law, or change in the policies of the Company. The Policy shall be amended and uploaded on the Platform from time to time and you should always read the Policy for a better understanding.
    If case of any dispute(s) arises between the Parties, in connection with the validity, interpretation, implementation, or alleged breach of any provision(s) of this Policy, or any matters, claims, or disputes under this Policy shall be dealt as per the laws of India under the jurisdiction of appropriate courts in Bangalore.
    We appreciate your commitment to us and your input will help us provide the best services. We consider your input as our valuable asset and encourage you to send us your input.
    In case of any query or concern or grievance, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]