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Learn How to Be a Game Designer at NYFA

In NYFA’s Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Game Design program, students learn the tools, theory, and craft of visual storytelling in an interactive medium, building their confidence in programming and design. Through hands-on, project-based learning, MFA students study a range of topics from early digital games to highly-advanced 3D graphics. Students build a playable, portfolio quality game every semester in our Game Studio courses.

The MFA students round out their education with history, business, and ethics of video games.

Upon completion of the MFA in Game Design, students have expertise in game design, with a selection of their best game content for use in their personal portfolios. The MFA program is rigorous and challenging and is recommended for aspiring game designers with ambitious goals in interactive media.


The MFA in Game Design program is available at NYFA Los Angeles. In this program, students take advanced courses and workshops that teach the theories of game design and interactive storytelling. Students also master the process of creating 3D art for video games and and learn the concepts of agile development. The curriculum also includes:

  • The framework to build a fun, entertaining, and engaging game every semester
  • Instruction and mentorship from our experienced faculty of professional Game Designers
  • Access to industry-standard equipment and software
  • The ability to attend exclusive guest speaker events with industry experts such as Game Designers, Filmmakers, 3D Animators, and and more
Degree Deatils

NYFA’s MFA in Game Design is a four-semester, full-time graduate program.

MFA students complete a variety of projects to build an impressive personal portfolio, which may include paper prototypes, the creation of 2D, 3D, and virtual reality games, 3D animations, and many more. These projects are designed to teach students how to design video games on all platforms, including PC, console, portable, Internet, iPhone and iPad. To learn more about the projects MFA students complete, please visit our projects page.

The MFA in Game Design is available at NYFA Los Angeles.

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