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In NYFA’s Master of Arts (MA) in Producing program, located at our Los Angeles campus, students learn key theoretical, creative, and aesthetics aspects of the entire producing process, such as how to identify or create viable media content, write a treatment, a budget and a business plan or TV show bible along with taking a closer look at key relationships and marketplace forces shaping the role of the producer. Throughout the program, students obtain the critical skills used in various entertainment fields including film festivals, events, film critique, and any curatorial environment alongside professionals and experts. The program is also a great fit for students who want to pursue a teaching path or enroll in PhD programs.



The MA curriculum at NYFA’s Producing School in Los Angeles include:

  • Coursework experience in classes such as Producer’s Craft: Budgeting, The Great Screenplays, Business Plans & TV Show Bibles, Media & Culture, and more
  • Additional liberal arts and science courses in topics such as History of Art and Theatre and Media
  • The opportunity to work with professional standards, enjoying collaborations in the fields of film and television production, development and preservation of the moving image art
  • Instruction and feedback from experienced faculty and staff actively working in the film, television and scholarship fields
  • Access to NYFA library with robust scholarly research opportunities
  • Ability to attend guest lectures from top film industry professionals, experts, and more
Degree Deatils

The MA degree is a specialized, one-year, two-semester degree that helps students hone their research and critical abilities while preparing for the challenges of the entertainment, media and creative industries.

Students in the MA in Producing program complete real-world projects such as a Marketing and Distribution Plan, Finance and Budgeting Plan, and TV Show Bible. The program culminates in students composing a well-researched thesis. 

The MA is available at NYFA’s Producing School in Los Angeles.

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