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Advance Screenwriting and Narrative StoryTelling Skills

In NYFA’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA) in Screenwriting, students write every day to train in narrative storytelling, exploring every aspect of writing for television, film, and media. Through hands-on projects and robust coursework, students create compelling stories and develop their creative voice while pursuing a practical, challenging degree in the arts.

Under the guidance of our faculty of professional industry screenwriters, students study the entire screenwriting process from start to finish, building skills in writing, rewriting, pitching, critique, and creative collaboration.

Students who fully commit to the BFA program are given the tools and training to become disciplined writers, making it a great fit for high school graduates interested in pursuing a creative pathway in film, entertainment, and media.


The curriculum for the BFA at NYFA’s Screenwriting School includes:

  • Technical and creative classes that teach students to write engaging scripts for television and film, such as Elements of Screenwriting, Screenwriting Discipline & Methodology, The Business of Screenwriting, Feature Film Workshop, Scene Study, and more
  • Instruction and mentoring by experienced faculty and staff that actively work in screenwriting and can teach students the reality of the current industry
  • Access to and instruction on use of camera, sound, and lighting equipment, as well as a digital license to Final Draft screenwriting software
  • Exclusive guest lectures from industry leaders such as screenwriters, directors, producers, actors, and more

BFA students must complete an industry internship in each of their final two semesters to help them develop their professional skills and begin to build their network.

Degree Deatils

NYFA’s accelerated, three-year, eight-semester BFA in Screenwriting program teaches students to write like a practicing screenwriter while pursuing a hands-on degree in the arts. By completing the Bachelor’s degree in three years, students can enter the field of their choice a year early. NYFA makes this accelerated schedule possible by creating an extended academic year, allowing students to complete three full-length semesters each calendar year.

During the program, students build a portfolio of writing that includes at least two feature length screenplays, a script for an existing television show, at least one original television series pilot and series proposal, an original one act play, a proposal for an original transmedia franchise, plus proposals for a web series, video game, podcast, and comic book, and mini treatments and proposals for additional film and television projects. Students will also write and direct a short film. Depending on elective choices, they will either write and direct the pilot of their web series or the first episode of their podcast. They will also have the elective choices that allow them to dive further into comic books or games, as well as a proposal for an unscripted/reality project.

To celebrate the completion of the BFA Screenwriting program, NYFA hosts a pitch event for graduating BFA writing students in good academic standing whose pitch and script are deemed industry-ready. NYFA’s pitch event is attended by industry professionals.

In addition to their screenwriting coursework, BFA students further their undergraduate studies in Foundation Studies, Arts and Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Natural Sciences, as well as History of Art, Theatre & Media. The Liberal Arts and Sciences courses complement the screenwriting courses, creating a balanced course load that emphasizes critical thinking and develops college-level writing skills.

The BFA in Screenwriting program is available at NYFA’s campus in Los Angeles, known as the West Coast’s primary hub for film, television, media, and entertainment. NYFA Los Angeles is centrally located next to Universal and Warner Brothers Studios.

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