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In the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Entertainment Media degree program, students can explore creative disciplines that best align with their talents and interests before immersing themselves in the advanced study of a concentration. For students who know they want to pursue their interests in the visual and performing arts, but would like to explore different paths and have more exposure to a variety of crafts, before committing to a specific discipline to earn their degree, the BFA in Entertainment Media is the appropriate course of study. Students will also engage in a comprehensive liberal arts curriculum designed to complement their creative pursuits.

Concentrations offered include Filmmaking, Acting for Film, Broadcast Journalism, Cinematography, Documentary Filmmaking, Musical Theatre, Photography, 3D Animation & VFX, Producing and Screenwriting. For their chosen concentration, students will complete associated projects and exercises that gradually increase in complexity, which will allow them to create a portfolio or reel to assist in their pursuit of creative opportunities in their chosen craft following graduation.


The curriculum of NYFA’s Entertainment Media BFA program includes:

  • Practical applications courses to get hands-on experience in a selected variety of disciplines, including Filmmaking, Acting for Film, Screenwriting, Cinematography, Documentary Filmmaking, Producing, Broadcast Journalism, Musical Theatre, 3D Animation, and Photography
  • Classes that allow students to explore the fundamentals of visual and performing arts including Film History, Elements of Dramatic Narrative, Art History, Aesthetics of Photography, Media and Society, History of Broadcasting and more
  • One year immersion in a chosen curriculum concentration of any offered discipline
  • Additional liberal arts classes applicable to work and study in the entertainment arts
  • Award-winning faculty in each discipline who actively work in their respective fields
  • Access to world-class equipment and facilities
  • Opportunities to attend guest lectures and master classes with leading industry professionals, including distinguished NYFA alumni
Degree Deatils

Through hands-on intensive workshops and the completion of creative work in a variety of disciplines, students can gain familiarity with the type of work required and the differing skills called upon between various crafts to make an informed decision to follow the concentration that most suits their abilities and interests. The program requires eight semesters to complete a concentration in Acting for Film, Broadcast Journalism, Cinematography, Musical Theatre,  and Screenwriting, nine semesters to complete a concentration in Filmmaking, Documentary Filmmaking, Producing or Animation, and ten semesters to complete a concentration in Photography.

This program is offered on an intensive three  year track and a traditional four  year track. NYFA makes this accelerated schedule possible by creating an extended academic year, allowing students to complete three full-length semesters in each calendar year. Students who choose to complete the program in the traditional four-year time frame will have scheduled semester breaks off for the first three years. Students on this track, who choose a three semester concentration will attend the last semester during the summer semester.

Students studying toward their BFA in Entertainment Media will complete several projects through their chosen practical applications courses, as well as numerous additional hands-on projects in their chosen concentration.

A strong foundation in the Liberal Arts and Sciences is crucial to the development of an entertainment professional. In addition to their practical application courses and their concentration studies, students round out their undergraduate curriculum in Foundation Studies, Arts and Humanities, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. The liberal arts and sciences courses complementing the practical applications and concentration curriculum emphasize critical thinking and develop college-level writing skills.

The BFA in Entertainment Media is offered at NYFA’s New York Campus. Students who complete a 1-Year Certificate in any area of study may apply to have their coursework to be accepted for advanced standing in the BFA in Entertainment Media.